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PCYC Bornhoffen has a strong safety culture with extensive risk management systems across our operations which meet or exceed the Australian Adventure Activity Standards (AAAS)

Risk Assessments & SOPs

We have extensive risk management plans and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all activities. These are developed out of industry training and experience, informing how programs are delivered.

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Staff Training

Our staff are among the best in the industry. In addition to obtaining relevant industry qualifications, all program staff undergo regular training in emergency response, facilitation, leadership and decision making. 



PCYC Queensland has extensive insurance policies that cover our broad range of programs and activities. While at Bornhoffen or on a PCYC program, you're covered by multiple insurance policies.


Service Supervision

Every program has a senior practitioner supervising the service, their priority is always safety first. The Service Supervisor has the experience and capacity to positively influence safety, service and learning experienced.


External Auditing

We use qualified professionals for the audit of specialised activities such as ropes course inspections and vertical operations, insuring we're current to the highest industry standards.


Corporate Governance

PCYC Queensland is the state's largest youth-based charity with extensive governing procedures, ensuring the protection of young people and our partnering organisation. 

PCYC Bornhoffen strives for safe work practices that allow for adventure, reflection and learning so that individuals and community may grow and learn through the experiences we provide.

To achieve this, we:

  • Reflect on contemporary practice from within Australia and around the globe.

  • Actively review all programs and incidents with the intent of improving safety.

  • Commit to the professional development of our staff.

  • Are committed to our own learning and development and encourage a learner mindset in our team.

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