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TARGET: Young people aged 14-25  years enagaged in PCYC statewide

FUNDING SOURCE: PCYC Community Fundraising


The PCYC Queensland State Youth Leadership Program (SYLP) is a six-day, five night multi-stage personal development, leadership development and community development training program designed for young people involved with the 54 PCYC branches throughout the state.


PCYC SYLP is delivered at Bornhoffen PCYC Leadership Development Centre. It is facilitated by PCYC Bornhoffen staff in partnership with the State Youth Programs Team and PCYC Club staff. The three sequenced levels of SYLP Program are Level 1 - Leading Me, Level 2 - Leading Others and Level 3 - Leading in My Community.


SYLP includes a combination of theory content and experiential activity. The program has been constantly reviewed and adapted to stay current with contemporary content including emotional intelligence, multiple intelligences, giving/receiving effective feedback, leadership and community development practice.

“From the minute the young people arrive, they are reminded they are young adults working in a team. Staff are there to support them in succeeding but not to prevent them from failing as this is part of life” Sergeant Linda Baade - PCYC Gold Coast


“It is a privilege to be able to participate in the program as a Branch Manager. The week at Bornhoffen PCYC allows you to observe and assist the PCYC Youth Development Team facilitate the growth of the youth participating in the program.” Sergeant Dominic Richardson - PCYC Blackwater

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