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About Us

Police-Citizens Youth Clubs (PCYC) Queensland is an award-winning charity founded in 1948.


PCYC Queensland in partnership with the QPS, provides young people with an environment that supports individual development, encourages community connection, and celebrates diversity. Our services and programs aim to develop and support, as well as challenge and inspire and are designed to meet the unique needs of communities right across Queensland. Each day our staff, volunteers and QPS officers work with our members to help them reach their potential and make positive life choices. Together, we are building safer, healthier communities through youth development.


Building safer, healthier communities through youth development.


In 1978 PCYC purchased a 98-hectare dairy farm. It is here that the Bornhofffen story began.


Year Established







Our Story - "The Fab Four"

Bornhoffen founding members Bill Crompton, Mark Duffacy, Ray Stiffler and Alf Koplick had a vision of a place for leadership and learning. This vision is alive and well today and continues to underpin much of what we offer.

When our founding members first arrived at Bornhoffen in 1978 it was a simple dairy farm owned by the Born family. the Born's were of German heritage and the name Bornhoffen translates to Born's Farm. The name stuck and has evolved to encompass a place and service provider for schools, community organisations and impactful youth development programs with a strong focus on leadership development. 

Our Purpose

Connecting communities, inspiring learning, strengthening wellbeing, and developing leadership through authentic, challenging, and meaningful learning experiences that support young people and and community.

Our Intent

To be a place for learning and leadership, where we focus on developing reflection, resilience, relationships and re-creation.

We Value

  • Respect

  • Leadership

  • Commitment

  • Passion

  • Teamwork

Professional Practice

We take a strength-based approach drawing on several fields and disciplines, including but not limited to:

  • Experiential Learning & Adventure Based Learning pedagogy

  • Contemporary leadership theory

  • Adventure-Based Counselling practices

  • Trauma-informed care

  • Narrative practices and Group-Based Counselling pedagogy.

  • Community Development principles


We believe that when participants are emotionally supported to be their best, when challenge by choice is actively encouraged and positive reflection is supported then learning and development can occur at a more meaningful and lasting level.

The "Campfire Liar" - Reflection From Patto (circa 1980)

"The human spirit is a complex thing and when combined with other human spirits all wanting the same thing, a positive force is created to the extent that the very air becomes charged with this incredible, undefinable yet very obvious magic​".

Meet The Team

Our people are our greatest asset and are the lifeblood to what we provide. The passion and commitment shown by our founding members lives on today.

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